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pup_idle's Journal

Lazy Dog
About me:
I'm Kelly Sue. I'm a huge fan of both Elijah Wood and Johnny Depp but if I had to chose between the two then Elijah would win. I am the more mature fan. I am able to have an adult conversation. Im not a shipper exactly but I love my fave celeb to have a partner and to see them happy.

I dont like:
People who like to cause trouble. People who dont allow others to have their own opinion. People who state things as fact even though they know nothing. People who defriend people because their likes differ. Name calling. Childish behavior. Lying. People who lie to get their own way. Fake people. Pushy people. Selective hearing. Selective believing. Hypocritical people. People who think they are the best fan in the world. People who think they are more important than they really are. People who judge others.