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Lazy Dog
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10th-Jul-2006 08:31 pm - OMG PMSL!
Me stirring up trouble? Im not the one jumping on other people and attacking them simply for the fact that they are repeating Elijahs own words. Now, if what Elijah said is "making him look bad" then that is your problem, not mine. Im not telling anyone to be fucked off by him, hate him, call him. I dont really care what anyone thinks about him to be honest. They can kick or kiss his ass, none of my business!

How... immature! "You say something I dont like so I dont like you". One question - how do you cope in the outside world? Things dont always go our way. Things happen we dont like. What do you do? Put your fingers in your ears "lalalalalalala"? If it gets you through the day, do it.

Oh, if you are reffering to me as "teeny" then you should really get a fact check. If I am acting like a teeny, then you, my dear, are acting like a spoilt 7 year old! Name call. Name call. Name call! Accuse. Accuse. Accuse.

How sad!
9th-Jul-2006 07:14 pm - Argh
People can be so cruel! Not only do I get abuse because I tell the truth, I get accused of something just because of my IP addy! Ive seen people with an almost identical IP addy to mine and they arent me. Ive seen people attacking me and they have an IP addy thats almost identical to my closest friends but it isnt them. People should just lighten the hell up and stop thinking everything is so cloak and dagger and everyone is out to get them.

Oh well!

A friend of mine went to the GB gig at London the other night, got a great report and some kick ass pictures! *hugs her*
7th-Jul-2006 08:13 pm - please be patient
Le Sigh
Ive got a lot of requests frpm people who want to know about ELF. I am emailing those who gave me their email addy first then I will get round to telling people in their LJ's. I am at work right now so please be patient, I will get round to telling you all but it seems some people know already :/

[EDIT] Actually, Im not saying another word on this. Im getting abuse and the such for saying fact! Sorry to all the people I havent told but Im sure you will find out. If not, you probably wouldnt have believed it anyway!
21st-Jun-2006 08:42 pm - So sorry guys!

I’m so sorry about Elf and my heart goes out to all those who were going for Elijah and who are now in utter grief and disappointment over this.

To those who have been affected: I am so sorry and you all have my sympathy. I wish I could hug all of you and I know how you are feeling. I am sure you all will have other opportunities to meet Elijah, its not "the end". I’m sure Elijah is as upset by this as all of you. I hope he does say something about it publically so he can explain further.

To those who have been blaming Pamela: That is ridiculous! Think about what you are saying. How can Pamela have any outcome on the filming of his movie? Dumb asses. And those who have said it should know better than to blame Pamela considering they were supposed to like her.

To those who have been nasty to Elijah: While you have every right to be upset, do NOT call him names. You say you are fans? How can you when you are saying you HATE him. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. You have no right to say these things about such a kind hearted, generous and loving man. He does con after con after con and he has had to cancel ONE (to my knowledge). Give the guy a break. No fan would HATE him for cancelling a con. Hate is a strong word, karma is a powerful thing.

26th-May-2006 12:07 am - Help?
Le Sigh
Found this pic. Is it a new version of an old favorite? Or has it been seen before and I am so behind the times?

21st-May-2006 07:13 pm - Pamela Racine and her short hair...
Hell Yeah
I know there has been a little debate about Pamela and her hair. Is it cut short or does she have it up? Well, this pic clearly shows Pamela hair has been cut:

Very nice!! Her hair is layered and has a lot of height. I love it!
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