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Lazy Dog
9th-Jul-2006 07:14 pm
People can be so cruel! Not only do I get abuse because I tell the truth, I get accused of something just because of my IP addy! Ive seen people with an almost identical IP addy to mine and they arent me. Ive seen people attacking me and they have an IP addy thats almost identical to my closest friends but it isnt them. People should just lighten the hell up and stop thinking everything is so cloak and dagger and everyone is out to get them.

Oh well!

A friend of mine went to the GB gig at London the other night, got a great report and some kick ass pictures! *hugs her*
9th-Jul-2006 07:31 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry thats happening to you...I do not believe people deserve to be treated like this...no one does.

Thats great. GOGOL Bordello is so awsome!
9th-Jul-2006 07:45 pm (UTC)
Thankyou babe!! Ill survive, takes a lot to bring me down! Yeah they are really good. You cant help but dance to them lol Of course not as good as Pamela and Liz! I really wanna go to a gig but I think I may be a lil old :/ I bet the audience are all under 25 lol
9th-Jul-2006 08:11 pm (UTC)
no one is too old for anything....I think you should go....never give up a chance of enjoying something.

OMFG GOGOL BORDELLO fucking kicks ass and good to dance and express your feelings through.
I could do a few of the things pam and Liz do but not all. Pam and Liz are the great part of Gogol, everyone in the band is awsome. Its sad Rea is no longer witht he band anymore :(

I'm hoping to see GB next year after I go to ring Con In Burbank, california. Then going to see GB or I might see GB first who knows. AGGG but I don't want to see Gb alone I want someone tyo come with me, but hardly anyone I know lives where I live.

BTW: thanks for the email.

*hugs* keep smiling for Elijah an Pam :D

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